Preparing to drive in Europe? Loved this thorough AFAR article on what to expect! *Don't forget your International Drivers license (not required in the UK and Ireland). 

Viator <--Looking for tours or activities in addition to what I've provided for you? Viator has many options all over the world. You can even book same day activities. 


Flytographer <-- Always behind the camera? Come home and realize you took two photos of your loved ones? Flytographer to the rescue! They provide photographers in major cities around the world for 30 minute - 60 minute sessions. The photographers are also fantastic at providing local *must-eat/visit* places. If this is something you're interested in let me know and I can get it setup for you!

Solis <-- My can't leave home without it, mobile hotspot! You can buy the device and get secure, UNLIMITED Wi-Fi for $9.00 per day! Up to 5 devices can be connected at a time. If your cell phone has Wi-Fi calling you can make and receive calls as well as texting using this device. This is what I use when I travel. 

If you prefer to rent a mobile hotspot, try TravelWifi. You won’t get unlimited data, but there is nothing to buy. They will ship it to you before your trip, and then you ship it back when you return. 

If you would rather have a local phone number and the ability to make unlimited calls in Europe another option would be a prepaid SIM card.  SimOptions has a number of plans to choose from.

You can also check with your current cell service provider to see what international roaming options they offer.  

Really want to feel like you dined with the locals? EatWith is a fun service that connects you with a local couple or family who will feed you in their home and/or provide cooking classes. Let me know if you're interested and I will make some suggestions based on where you will be staying on your trip. 

Interested in picking up a few key words/phrases before you depart (or on the plane...) Duolingo to the rescue. 

Packing List <-- Pretty generic, but it will ensure you don't forget any of the important stuff! And the packing cubes that will change the game! If you're headed into any churches in Europe, please remember the "covered shoulders + covered knees" rule! 

This is my favorite travel adapter and my favorite mini power strip when traveling internationally where there can be a lack in outlets! My suggestion for your flat iron or curling iron, buy a cheap one at the first pharmacy you see or purchase one with Euro-friendly voltage on Amazon. 

For passing time while flying or traveling by train or plane I recommend a Kindle so you can bring multiple books while saving space. If watching movies or TV shows is more enjoyable I suggest a Kindle Fire as a low cost option. Install your streaming apps and you can download movies and shows to your device to watch offline. Running out of space? Easily add up to 1TB of data by getting a MicroSD card.


You may consider watching movies and TV shows on the individual screens provided on the majority of international flights. If you happen to use wireless headphones or AirPods, you're going to want an Airfly. This compact device serves as an adapter, allowing you to enjoy in-flight movies with the enhanced audio quality and added comfort of your wireless headphones. This also frees you from the hassle of wires. Just remember to bring the Airfly with you when you get off the plane.

If you're a frequent traveler, or planning on traveling more, think about signing up for Global Entry. It will speed up your time in customs + immigration when coming back into the U.S. It also includes TSA Pre-Check

RESERVE powered by CLEAR allows you to reserve a spot in the security line for free! Check to see if your airport participates in this service.

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